Lazy Collegiate Girl

I had a lot to do this day. And I wanted to dress up a little bit, but at the same time I didn’t. So instead of throwing on sweatpants and calling it a day, I throw on a sweatshirt instead, a high low button down shirt underneath and a long, half textured pencil skirt and patterned sneakers and called it a day. It actually was pretty cool!IMG_1754 IMG_1756


I’m Back Again!

I know I keep saying that I’m back and going to post more, but life keeps happening and I find myself spending more time being active and less time being able to blog and be tied down to my computer. I’ve also been trying adjust to living in Atlanta and I think I’m also going through a quarter life crisis? I think this move answered a lot of questions that I had about what I was doing with my life, but then it also made me question things that I never thought about before. Me going back to college has become a serious thought, and I never thought that I would personally be considering college again. But here I am, considering college and wondering if me working in a salon was the best thing for me. Some days I feel like it is, others not so much. I think it’s just the fact that most people my age are still in school or around people who are and people in their age group and I’m not. So I feel kind of like a bum, but at the same time I need to remember that I finished school and am now working in my field.

As far as a love life, let’s just say that I’m interested but I don’t really know. I’m not used to dating or “talking” so I don’t really know if I’m doing things right or what. I don’t know how to talk about my feelings and what’s going on with who I need to be talking to. So that’s frustrating for me, because lack of communication on my part because I don’t real know how to communicate. So that’s all that I will say about that.

Last but not least, I am bringing back my outfit of the day posts! I have completely fallen off and I’m working on coming back and being better. I haven’t done nearly as much shopping that I usually do, and I don’t really know how to feel about that. But I’m getting myself together so that way I can post and share what I’m wearing with everyone!

Keep an eye out for a new post soon!:)


Mariposa Couture

Online shopping and boutiques are some of my absolute favorites, and when you combine the two it’s magical. The online boutique “Mariposa Couture” is just that, magic!

I actually reached out to the site to see just since my audience is building with my blog and I felt like it would be good to have smaller businesses featured on my blog and vice versa. But I got sent some really nice goodies to talk about and I got all sorts of compliments when I wore the pieces.

My favorite item was the necklace because it later so nicely on a collared shirt, and was subtle enough to not be too distracting but just enough where it could be a statement piece.

Mariposa Couture has fashionable, yet affordable items on their website! Perfect for updating your wardrobe on a budget. Be sure to check them out at 🙂








Picture One: Rainbow Stud Bracelet

Picture Two: Black Chandelier Earrings

Picture Three: Butterfly Drop Earrings

Picture Four: Purple Heart Rope Bracelet

Picture Five: Black Mini Chandelier Necklace


The week is finally over, and I finally have an off day tomorrow. Work was long, and our 40% off markdown sale is over finally.

This weekend I’ve been really going for the comfy but cute look, and today was no different. Today I wore a light wash denim boyfriend shirt, and paired it with my ankle camouflage pants, and heart stud nude loafers.


Boyfriend Shirt: Gap
Camouflage Pants: Banana Republic
Loafers: Forever 21


At 9am my phone rang, and I jumped out of bed to a phone call that I got the salon job! And now officially am starting at Salon Red! Such great news to start my day!

But then, I found out that my car had engine damage from my car accident and I can’t drive it. But I already knew that since the engine started to smoke last night. So I’m carless and have never used public transportation a day in my life! The highs and lows of my day man.

But I’m not going to complain, because everything will work out in time. But I am so excited about my new job! Orientation is Tuesday!

I wanted to wear animal print today, since I was feeling sassy about my great news!



Shirt: Banana Republic
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Banana Republic