And A Happy New Year!

So while 2015 is still fresh and wishing everyone a happy new year hasn’t reached it’s cut off date yet, it’s time for a new post! Looking back on 2014 I have realized how much progressed I have made and just how much I have accomplished without even realizing it. In this new year I have a few personal goals for myself that I started before the year ended and wanted to bring into this new chapter of life! So here goes my list:

  1. Get fit! I’ve started the infamous “Squat Challenge” and boy are my legs killing me right now. As well as getting fit, i’m trying to eat healthier and get my mind in a healthy place as well. Mind and body go hand in hand.
  2. Learn Spanish. I know I said this last year, but I really want to be serious about it this year. I have no excuse, last year was my warmup!
  3. Make time for me! I feel like I do so much for everyone and put everyone ahead of myself, I need to make a conscious effort to make some time for Jordy.
  4. Get dressed up more! When you look good, you feel good. And I need to stop looking like a bum! I am a hairstylist for goodness’ sake! Time to start looking like it!
  5. And last but not least, I need to be happy. It’s so easy to let the little things get you down and not appreciate the positivity that is all around us. I need to open my eyes and see just how great life really is.

So that’s it for my “New Year, New Me” goals! What do you guys have as goals for this new year?

-XOXO, Jordy



Lazy Collegiate Girl

I had a lot to do this day. And I wanted to dress up a little bit, but at the same time I didn’t. So instead of throwing on sweatpants and calling it a day, I throw on a sweatshirt instead, a high low button down shirt underneath and a long, half textured pencil skirt and patterned sneakers and called it a day. It actually was pretty cool!IMG_1754 IMG_1756

New Year, Same Me.

2013 has come and gone and we’re already in a new year. The beginning of a year for everyone always means a new start, like the clock strikes 12 and instantly you’re a new person. For me a new year means I probably don’t even know it’s midnight because I’m wasted or asleep, or a combination of both. But this new year I want to be the same person that I was in 2013 but plans that i’ve started are going to shape up and become something. I’m going to end 2014 debt free, with my tuition paid off, and fluent in spanish. 

2014 I will also be moving to Atlanta, Ga. I’m hoping that this means it’ll help me grow up a lot and learn more about myself. I’m also hoping going to make happen this year me getting into my dream job. I will be working at the Van Michael Salon and excelling and learning my craft. I will be debt free and have a glorious savings account. I will be fluent in spanish and actually use the language. I will be in my own apartment, with a better car, and happy with myself and where I’m at in life. 

So no, 2014 I won’t be a new person. I’m gonna be the same ‘ol me. But instead I’m just gonna upgrade myself and keep grinding. Early bird gets the worm and I’m not leaving any for any one. Let’s get this shit in 2014. It’s the year of the Jordy Wonderland takeover.