I’m Back!

After a brief hiatus, getting a little too comfortable, and most importantly overcome with laziness I am back. I got a full time job as an assistant at a salon in Atlanta, and still working part time at Banana Republic so my free has been a little few and far between. But I am back now and have a lot to make up for!

So first things first, the salon is slowly but surely starting to get better. When I first started I didn’t have very many people that i could talk to since I was the “new kid” and all but that’s getting better. And I’m making friends at Banana so that’s also good. 

Love life has been ehhh…I thought everything was going well in that department for a while, but when people tend to fall off the face of the Earth and ignore you, it makes you rethink things a bit. But that’s okay, all that free time to hang out that I was scraping together I can use to do things like sleep! Which I have so desperately missed doing. 

Since we last got together, i’ve gone to see Childish Gambino and DJ Snake and had a blast! I actually just got a ticket to a little festival in Atlanta called “Music in the Park” and I’m seeing MGMT and Girl Talk on the 17th. Super stoked about that! And Benny Benassi on the 25th! Even more stoked for that since it’s my birthday weekend. The big 2-1 is coming up and I don’t even know what to do with myself I’m so excited!

That’s all that’s really been going on with me lately, but since i’m making a conscious effort to update my blog again things will be back to normal soon!