And A Happy New Year!

So while 2015 is still fresh and wishing everyone a happy new year hasn’t reached it’s cut off date yet, it’s time for a new post! Looking back on 2014 I have realized how much progressed I have made and just how much I have accomplished without even realizing it. In this new year I have a few personal goals for myself that I started before the year ended and wanted to bring into this new chapter of life! So here goes my list:

  1. Get fit! I’ve started the infamous “Squat Challenge” and boy are my legs killing me right now. As well as getting fit, i’m trying to eat healthier and get my mind in a healthy place as well. Mind and body go hand in hand.
  2. Learn Spanish. I know I said this last year, but I really want to be serious about it this year. I have no excuse, last year was my warmup!
  3. Make time for me! I feel like I do so much for everyone and put everyone ahead of myself, I need to make a conscious effort to make some time for Jordy.
  4. Get dressed up more! When you look good, you feel good. And I need to stop looking like a bum! I am a hairstylist for goodness’ sake! Time to start looking like it!
  5. And last but not least, I need to be happy. It’s so easy to let the little things get you down and not appreciate the positivity that is all around us. I need to open my eyes and see just how great life really is.

So that’s it for my “New Year, New Me” goals! What do you guys have as goals for this new year?

-XOXO, Jordy



Deals So Good It Should Be Illegal.


Today I had some time to kill so I aimlessly wandered around Lenox And stumbled into Zara, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. And also some crazy deals! Today I did my spend over 70 bucks and I scored some awesome stuff! But these two treasures are what really got me. This camouflage print dress was only 15 bucks at Zara and it fits like a dream. And what I really like about it is that I don’t have to wear a bra. Now here comes the real deal, the Doc Martins that I got from Urban Outfitters were, (wait for it, just wait for it!) TWENTY STINKING BUCKS! That should be illegal. My bargain high is still buzzing strong! And the cherry on top of my night is that A new season of Scandal starts tonight. Hope everyone has a great night, and I hope all the gladiators are ready! I know I am! 🙂

Chuck Chucking My Way Into Fashion!

I was contacted to do a review on the up and coming jewelry company Chuck-Chucks. Chuck-Chucks are personalized leather bracelets with interchangeable pins called chucks. I selected a yellow leather bracelet and a couple of chucks so that I could change it and have a few different looks for it. It came in the mail in a circular black container and all of the chucks were wrapped in tissue paper. I really liked the simple black container because I can put the bracelet back in there and help keep its shape or I can use to put my millions of little knick knacks in there. The only thing I wish about the chucks was that there were more neutral ones. Like just solid. I’ve been really into stones and basic things lately. But I love the all the chucks that I got and the bracelet!

I’ve worn the bracelet a few times since I’ve gotten it, but I have been a terrible, terrible person and have not been keeping up with my outfit of the day posts. I’ve just been in the process of moving and super busy! But I did post what the bracelet and chucks look like and I absolutely promise that I will post the bracelet paired up with my outfits soon! Anyways to wrap this up, I love my bracelet and would definitely recommend it to people, especially as a gift. That way you can get them a few chucks and they can always get more! Can’t wait to see what else this company is going to come up with! Love it!

If you guys are interested in checking out the company, check out their site at and for 50% off your purchase use the coupon code “jordy1” at checkout! ❤